FPL letter goes out to all customers who said “NO” to smart meter. Offers opt-out for $95 fee plus $13 each month. Deadline to respond or risk losing your analog meter. You can still refuse smart meter but must sign-up again. Turn On, Tune In, Opt Out!

Attention Florida! The first batch of letters has been mailed in early March 2014 from Florida Power & Light to customers who have, so far, determinedly rejected having a smart meter installed. The best knowledge I have at this time is that this letter is being sent to customers in Florida in three batches between now and May, so you may not receive yours this month. It states there will be a $95 enrollment fee plus a charge of $13 per month, if you wish to keep your analog or other type of “non-standard” meter. Smart meters are the “standard meter” and you must pay these new fees and must “sign up for the Non-Standard Meter Option.” You are given three ways to notify them: complete and sign a paper form included with the letter, fill out an online form at FPL.com/meteroption, or call 1-866-252-6047

The “opt-out” letter I received by US Mail is not dated and was delivered on or around March 7th. It specifies the deadline to respond is March 23rd. I also received an email from FPL that was dated March 6, 2014 containing similar (but not all of the) content as the print letter. The email states a deadline of March 26th. What’s up with the discrepancy in deadline, bad editing or intentional? Either way, not much more than two weeks allowed to reply. One must assume the deadline date will be different for those who receive this letter in a later batch. Let me know of your experience.

A brochure with FPL’s “Terms and Conditions” is included with the mailing. It is not 100% clear in reading the text, but it may be that if you already have a smart meter and do not want it, you may be able to enroll in the “Non-Standard Meter Option” if you are “eligible” to do so. If this is the case, your smart meter will be replaced with a “non-communicating” digital meter. Also stated in this brochure: if you move to a new location, you must re-enroll and pay another $95. enrollment fee.

We can appreciate that FPL is offering this opt-out plan at all, the result of tremendous effort, expense and dedication of many people across Florida. Other utility companies in Florida are still insisting that smart meters be mandatory. Unfortunately for many families who are hurting in this economy, the cost of the opt-out may be prohibitive. And the damage done to our health, living in a neighborhood saturated with smart meters, is not addressed. Stand strong if you are able to, against the radiation meter!

If you do not enroll, you will likely see the wireless smart meter installed in short order. If you do sign up for FPL’s Non-Standard Meter Option, agreeing to the new fees and all their terms and conditions, you can also include a statement to the effect that you agree but are paying additional costs under duress and protest. More about enrolling now, here: http://smartmetermatrix.org/node/58

Stop "Smart" Meters, Florida!
Coalition for Health, Against Smart Meters http://microwavechasm.org/

URGENT: New online petition - - - Stop Florida Power & Light extortion surrounding "Smart Meters" - - - Please sign here and share the link: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/107/892/913/stop-florida-power-light-exto...

Check out this post of March 8, 2014 - By Marilynne Martin
FP&L – No “Choice” of Meters for 36,000 Floridians - here:

Check back for updates about this “opt-out” if any new information. Also, I will try to update FPL and other contact names and phone numbers etc. on this website as needed. Some may be outdated. – posted March 15, 2014 by editor.

Introduction to the hazards of wireless utility meters, also known as “smart meters,” or AMI, or network management devices:

The smart meter uses wireless technology to send and receive data, communicating with the utility company using other meters and relay points along the way. This "wi-fi" aspect of the smart meter produces significant levels of radiofrequency (RF) microwave radiation in your home. This is the same type of radiation as produced by cell-phones, I-pads, and other wireless devices, now known to be a health risk for cancer, migraines, heart palpitations, dizziness, sleep disturbances and more.

There is literally zero mention in TV and print news – let alone a discussion – of the dangers posed by these wireless frequencies, though there is plenty of scientific evidence going back decades, when the result of exposure was called “Microwave Sickness.” A solitary exception that I’ve found is Anderson Cooper report on cell-phone radiation. The World Health Organization has “classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B), based on an increased risk for glioma, a malignant type of brain cancer, associated with wireless phone use.” -- from WHO/IARC Press Release of May 31, 2011.

The smart meter is a risk for fire, short circuit, and interference. Reports include interference with medical devices including pacemakers, interference with arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCI) and ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI), and interference with home security systems and appliances. The same type of interference from a wireless signal is the reason why cell-phone use in hospitals is not allowed.

The smart meter being installed by Florida Power & Light is not UL listed/certified, unlike every other electric-related product in your home and business. (Why not? See more on our ‘Science’ page). Additionally, FPL has some degree of immunity from liability for damages to your health, home or appliances caused by the smart meter.

Other major - and widespread - problems include multiple privacy violations and cyber-insecurity. If you can monitor your usage online in "real time" so can a hacker easily deduce when you are home or not, and more. If utility company associates can shut off your power remotely, so can others. And I care that we lose an important safety net: the welfare check that may occur when a visit to the property is required to shut off service. This can save lives.

“A so-called smart grid that’s as vulnerable as what we’ve got is not smart at all. It’s a really, really stupid grid.” --- Former CIA director James Woolsey in August 2011. See his complete comments here:

There are numerous reports from customers who have seen electric bills increase dramatically after smart meters were installed, with no satisfactory explanation, and no compromise in demand for payment.

What is a smart meter? See:

What’s Wrong with Smart Meters? A Beginner's Guide:

FPL is installing a “wireless” smart meter in every home and business with little or no prior notification. You may or may not get a postcard saying they’ll be in your area soon, but that’s it. Other utility companies may or may not notify their customers ahead of time. Contrary to what the utility company may say to you, it is not mandatory that you accept or allow installation of a smart or digital meter. It is voluntary per Federal Law.

See below for details about contacting FPL. Go to our ‘Resources’ page for more on other utility companies and the PSC.

Customers need to assert their right to OPT-OUT and to have an analog meter put back in place on request.

Many scientific studies indicate the harmful effects of RF/microwave radiation. See more on our ‘Science’ page.

Learn more about the health and safety hazards at the recommended sites below.

Find out whether it’s safe - or buy yourself some time to find out by getting on the DELAY list - and take action before FPL arrives and installs unannounced!


Post a “Do Not Install the Smart Meter” sign on your current (analog) meter and photograph it in place. Print sign here: http://turn.org/article.php?id=1756

One good phone number for Florida Power & Light is (800) 397-6544. Try extension 26 or ask for a Corporate Resolution Specialist.

See the ‘ Resources’ page for more about the other 18 utilities rolling out their own smart grids in Florida.

Call to state you do not want and DO NOT CONSENT to the installation of a RF/microwave wireless smart meter on your property.

Convince FPL to put your smart meter installation on their “DELAY/HOLD” list, to delay switching your meter out until near the end of regional deployment. They may say there is no list, that it is not an option. This is not true. They can put the “hold smart meter install” flag on your account in the FPL computer. Ask to talk to a Manager or Supervisor if necessary.

Follow up with a letter to FPL to confirm and serve notice you DO NOT CONSENT to installation of a RF/microwave wireless smart meter on your property. Click here for names of officers and cc your letter to more than one (page down for FPL, which is now part of NextEra Energy, Inc.): http://www.investor.nexteraenergy.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=88486&p=irol-govMa... or http://www.nexteraenergy.com/investors/officers.shtml Here’s a selection:

Eric E. Silagy, President
R. Wade Litchfield, Vice President and General Counsel
Marlene M. Santos, Vice President, Customer Service

Corporate headquarters:
Florida Power & Light Co.
700 Universe Blvd.
Juno Beach, FL 33408

Make a copy and send all letters certified mail with return receipt. I will try to post contact info for other utility companies in Florida soon.

All customers state-wide need to contact the Florida Public Service Commission, which regulates utilities, and insist they uphold the right to permanently OPT-OUT of having a wireless RF/microwave device attached to our homes. The Florida PSC likely has the authority in this matter. The PSC may deny that they have jurisdiction over the smart meter used by utility companies; however, this is not necessarily the case.

Names and phone numbers of Florida PSC Commissioners are found here: http://www.psc.state.fl.us/about/contact/phonedirectory.aspx

(850) 487-1716 PSC Commission fax

The following contact info comes from their website at http://www.psc.state.fl.us/about/contact/index.aspx

Florida Public Service Commission
2540 Shumard Oak Blvd.
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0850

(800) 342-3552 PSC Consumer Assistance toll-free
(850) 413-6100 PSC Consumer Assistance local
(800) 511-0809 PSC toll-free fax
email: contact@psc.state.fl.us


Stop "Smart" Meters, Florida!
Coalition for Health, Against Smart Meters http://microwavechasm.org/

EMF Safety Network has news of “Smart Meter Fires and Explosions” at http://emfsafetynetwork.org/?page_id=1280

Smart Meter Health Complaints” page has many statements from people of their experiences with an installed smart meter: http://emfsafetynetwork.org/?page_id=2292

Scientific studies of the effect of RF/microwave radiation at eon3EMFblog: http://eon3emfblog.net/?page_id=120

Stop Smart Meters! http://stopsmartmeters.org/ has it all, or can link you to what you need to know!

How YOU Can Stop ‘Smart’ Meters” page has steps you can take:

Print a “Do Not Install” sign from the TURN website, and find more about smart meters under “Issues” tab: http://turn.org/article.php?id=1756

FPL has detailed info about smart meters here: http://www.fpl.com/ami/qa.shtml (or look for Energy Smart Florida FAQ).


smart / meter / matrix
Focused on Florida… examining deployment of smart meters and the smart grid throughout the United States.

We here in SW Florida were taken by surprise by the news that smart meters were being installed, or were already in place, on our property without our permission. There was no public announcement by FPL, no mention on the local news, no discussion with communities, and no choice given. I first heard the term “smart meter” when a postcard came from FPL in August 2011.

Florida Power & Light Co., the biggest utility provider in the state, kicked off its Energy Smart Florida with a Miami roll-out in 2009, after pilot programs in Broward County in 2007 and 2008. Energy Smart Florida is one of the largest smart grid projects in the US.

See our ‘About’ page for more.

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Smartmetermatrix.org is still under construction, being developed as quickly as possible to provide a forum, and serve as a resource, for customers who want to know more and secure a choice. We need to work together across the state, served by multiple utility companies, to support each other in asserting our existing legal right to permanently opt-out of smart metering. We hope to achieve more than this, and welcome all the help we can get.

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